Genoa to Palermo Ferry

If you are planning to visit Sicily from northern Italy, you may take the ferry from Genoa to Palermo which is operated by the company Grandi Navi Veloci. The only problem with this ferry is the crossing time of around 21 hours but this ferry will save you a lot of money for gas and toll taxes. In other words, this is the cheapest and easiest possible way to reach Sicily from this location.

About Genoa
Genoa is a large city in northern Italy. It is the capital of the region of Liguria. Genoa has been an important port city since ancient times.

How to get to Genoa ferry port
You can reach Genoa's ferry port from northern Italy via the A26 or A7 motorways, from the western Italy via the A10 and from the eastern Italy via the A12. Take the exit named Genoa Ovest and after this follow the signs to 'Porto'.

You can reach Genoa also by train. Genoa is a huge city, so there are two train stations - Genoa Brignole and Genoa Piazza Principe. Have in mind that Piazza Principe station is 1.7 km from the ferry port and the Brignole station is much far away - around 7 km.

Genoa ferry port information
Port of Genoa (also Liguria) - Maritime Station,
Address: Piazzale Traghetti Iqbal Masih, 5, Genoa 16126
Phone: +39 010 2094777
Fax: +39 010 2094670
GPS coordinates: 44.410519, 8.908940
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2018 Genoa to Palermo ferry Timetable & Ticket prices

Crossing time: 21 hours
Frequency: between 6 and 7 crossings per week
Company: Grande Navi Veloci

Departure time in 2018:
From 01 Jan until 10 June 2018 and from 10 Sept until 31 Dec 2018, departure hours are:
Monday: 23:00
Tuesday: 23:00
Wednesday: 23:00
Thursday: 22:00
Friday: 23:00
Saturday: 20:00
Sunday: No sailings

Between 11 June and 09 September 2018 is the high season, so the departure hours are:
Everyday (Monday-Sunday) exactly at 21:00 local time

Ticket prices in 2018: (the cost depends on the month)
Pullman seat: 63 to 95 €
Internal cabin: 139 to 233 €
External cabin: 163 € to 257 €
Suite: 199 € to 353 €
Car: +29 € if you book pullman seats
* Please be aware that the ferry ticket prices might slightly vary.

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